Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tete Fort São Tiago Maior........ Forte de São Tiago Maior do TeteOrigem located on the right bank of the Zambezi River in Tete city, capital of the province of Tete, Mozambique. the occupation of the original Swahili town of Tete by the Portuguese forces dates back to 1530, then part of the United Monomopata, The village was elevated to a town and county seat in 1763. This fortification of Tete goes back to the years 1575-1576, a period when the Portuguese effectively consolidated their presence in the region. LAPA & Ferreri (1889) believe, however, that this fort was built by orders of Captain-General Caetano de Melo e Castro (1682-1686) but only completed in 1875, when it was designated as Fort D. Louis .According to historian Anthony Soup, its structure was ruined in 1836. In the early twentieth century, in 1911-1912, the then Governor of Tete requested its demolition as he considered it worthless, It avoided destruction and was transformed into warehouse for amoured cars At the time of the Second World War, their walls were fortified and restored a period and the gate entrance replaced.

 Gate looking in......  unfortunately they have built the city water tank inside :(
Gate looking out over city of Tete

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  1. Marquis de Sade mentions the fort in his novel ALINE ET VALCOUR