Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Wash-Day At The River - The Water-bearers by Jinge Norvall.... Here they come, Beautiful & laughing From dew-drop' t grasslands To the murmering river.. Here they come, Youthful, skipping, dancing Down the stoney bushpath To the sandy river' s early, crisp-cold morning. Water vessels held on high, Laundry baskets overflow... Babes on backs will bathe & play Whilst women work, gregariously... The sun has offered Hot & gold his shining, To warm the splash of bodies Brown & gleaming In the freshness of the river... Shimmering, the air vibrates with chatter, convivial hours joining hands To wile away the drudgery of duty... Bright cloth is spread on Bushel, tree & grass-tuft, Giving up its moisture In deference to the Lord of Day, the Sun... And now they go, Beautiful & laden Each one with bounty Free from Nature' s life-source. Backs straight against their burdens, Heads poised with balanced loads, The water-bearers leave a hush behind them... And as they toil back along the pathway, A sober silence settles all about them.. For chores await the women now returning - Each water-bearer knows that the water-bearer' s day is never done.

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  1. I had to stop and read this twice, beautiful poem and the photo says it all.