Monday, 29 December 2014

8 Lessons of life that I have learned from Photography in 2014.... Life is not necessarily what it seems through the viewfinder.......Once it's transferred onto the big screen, we can see things more clearly. My whole perspective of the view changes when I lift the camera higher over the filth at my feet.....Your attitude determines your altitude . Everyone I photograph has a story to tell.....Take the time to listen. The little detail in the corner, once cropped, can become the main feature!....Don't ignore small beginnings. Black and white photography helps to show the light and shadows more clearly...... It's going through the tough times (the boring black and white) that we gain a better perspective of life. Saturating an otherwise drab colour photograph a little often turns it into a wow!.... Praise and encourage those you meet, it raises them higher (and you in the process) You don't have to photograph the whole thing, sometimes just a little part tells a better story...... We don't need to try and figure out the "whole thing" just do our part, Trust Him, and seize the moment, "the little!" Beauty can be found anywhere and everywhere......Take the time to look, see and capture!

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