Sunday, 27 September 2015

An interesting Sunday....

Definitely not a "normal" Sunday.... But, if you think about it, what is normal really?

We joined in with the farewell of the outgoing Ranch Director, Bruno, at a local village. It was also a welcome for us and we felt like royalty! Smart phones were snapping away to take pics of the "Le nouveau blanc".... The food was delicious but then the time came for the "real stuff" Palm Wine..... It definitely wasn't on the agenda but didn't want to lose face with all the many eyes staring in my direction, so held out my glass to a grubby 5 liter plastic container! I threw it back before I could realize my madness, and quickly downed a fanta to obliterate the bitter taste lingering. About 25 minutes later it hit me in a wave of tiredness BUT we had to now watch a game of football in the warm tropical sun! 

Unfortunately, so they tell me, because I managed to start with this "opening" it will always be presented to me at functions! Groan... What have I done!

The dreadful Palm Wine, with an empty glass to prove it!
The local baker who makes amazing baguettes!
Pythons are a big problem in this area killing the calves so they have rewards for those for kill them. This guy makes phone cases from the skins .... 
The amazing spread, thank goodness for rice wasn't to find of the cassava.

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  1. It looks delicious. How did your head feel the next day? My goodness that is a huge glass!!