Saturday, 28 May 2016

I remember when I was taken for my first ever scuba dive with an instructor in Lake Malawi (eish just worked out that was 16 years ago 😟). We went quiet a distance from the shore so I could practice in deeper waters. I bravely threw myself overboard and we started the descent for a few metres. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, fear and panic overtook me. I shot up to the surface, which you DO NOT do in diving! Well, I was in for a serious reprimand from the Instructor. I learnt something that day that has never left me....I have often carried those instructions through in many a time of panic and fear. He said your mind is extremely powerful, DO NOT GIVE IN TO IT! When you feel that panic rising, breathe in deeply and count to 5, 10 or 20, whatever you need...of course my counting was prayers, emergency prayers! We are going down again and you WILL DO IT! Well we did and I got so carried away in the beauty of the underwater world, I had to eventually be reminded that time was up and we had to surface!

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