Monday, 10 October 2016

The interesting Margose very popular in Mauritius. Karela Bitter Gourd “Margose” is a delicious simple to cook recipe that is one of the most nutritious vegetables. I have always loved this vegetable/fruit since I was little. I love it any kind of dishes whether stir fried, curried, vindaye spices. Bitter gourd or Karela may not be the favourite of many people because of it’s bitter taste. However over centuries this fruit /vegetable has been one of the main ingredients in many medicinal recipes and therapeutic treatments. It is packed with some key nutrients and healthy components, making it a very healthy addition to your diet. The secret of all it’s good properties lies in the bitterness, it is loaded with medicinal values. The more I read about this vegetable the more I am fascinated to find out about these benefits of this humble fruit/vegetable. Some of its benefits include maintaining balanced digestive system, improve immune system, good to treat and balance diabetes, aid weight loss, and good for eye sight and with its high antioxidant content it’s a great ingredient to keep you look radiant and beautiful. I am definitely keeping Karela in my diet for sure, and believe me with all of these good reasons I am certain one can overlook its bitter taste and consider eating it.

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