Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I never tire of visiting Boroma mission on the banks of the Zambezi and about 30 km from Tete. Founded in the mid 1880's by Jesuit missionaries. Sad to say that with every visit, I see a huge deterioration.


  1. Paraphrasing from "Zambezi - Journey of a River"(Michael Main Pub 1990)- Known for centuries as a place where alluvial gold could be found & where goldsmiths plied their trade, Boromo faded from prominence when the gold was finally exhausted. Founded in 1890, the mission was originally sited at the river's edge where orchards and vegetable gardens were laid out on the rich alluvial soils. For comfort and coolness, magnificent permanent buildings were erected on the heights of a small nearby hill. On this glorious site, commanding magnificent views of the Zambezi, the extraordinary and beautiful church was built. On independence, the missionaries left. The school and mission buildings, decorated with revolutionary graffiti, became a mouthpiece for the new order. A nearby shrine was desecrated. The author writes beautifully and the book is worth hunting down and adding to your collection...

    1. oh wow Tracy, sounds a fascinating book, must look out for it!! Pity the neglect is showing so visibly now....... I have a friend that has a cine of her visit to Boroma in 1963, cant wait to check it out on my next trip to Zim. xx