Wednesday, 14 October 2015

On my daily morning walk....

My first leg is to go through the workers villages and whistle for two friendly dogs to join me. With great excitement and tails wagging they gladly follow me... I ne├Ęd them to be my ears and eyes, they need to pick up on things I might miss....
In this part  of the world , it could be an elephant, buffalo or even a mamba or Python.
I have named them "viens vite" which is French for "come quick" , but I had better increase my vocabulary fast as maybe these wild animals understand  French too!
The walk is not easy, as there are many hills, high humidity (today was 80%), and plenty stinging flies! My two companions need a lot of encouragement, they are meant to be out in the front protecting me, but it seems the other way round, BUT on the homeward trail, that's a whole different story. They run ahead, furiously wagging their tails, stopping every know and again to look behind and egg me on! 

This reminded me so much of our life walk ..... When times are tough, uncertain and the up hills are wearing us down, our friends and our Faith in God keep us on track, encouraging us to persevere and "hang in there" our turn will come in lagging behind, then at other times life will be a breeze. At times we can even get weary just in "staying strong"... 
Most of us are "out of our comfort zones" these days, so encourage, listen, spur each other on, as we are certainly on the "homeward run!"

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