Tuesday, 22 December 2015

The beautiful beaches of Myumba, Gabon

Where the forests meet the Atlantic Ocean with a huge lagoon going all along to the Congo...

This is one of the few places where the leatherback turtles have nesting sites. They try and protect them with signs painted on the walls throughout the village. Here is a link about the turtles...leatherback turtles, Myumba

From June to September it's Oyster season, we will definitely do plenty visits then! 
There is a whale season too.
Where one of the many rivers come into the sea. Mangroves and crabs in abundance! 
We did a 2 hour walk down the beach towards the Congo border which isn't too far away, and our only company was thousands of ghost crabs....
Due to the currents on this specific beach there was quite a lot of litter. The Gabonese say it comes from Congo and the ships... They joked that this was definitely a shoe from the Congo as they are giants there!

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