Thursday, 3 December 2015


These aren't exciting pictures at all, but for me they are pure gold.....  I live a good 12 hour drive away from a decent supermarket, where I can buy "imported from France" veggies and salads... so have begun to do a small veg garden in the flower boxes around the house... There is no soil around the house only small rocks as we are on top of a hill.  The Gabonese are huge meat and carbohydrate eaters, (meaning, cassava, rice and yams) Everything is fried in palm oil....They don't eat veg at all, it seems.  They are not healthy, and we have quite a few (young!) employees with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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  1. My green fingered friend - so gifted! You turned a hot dustbowl into a verdant garden of eden in Tete, and out of nothing in Gabon are kitchen gardening. You are blessed with all the talents you need to support JB and make a life for the both of you wherever you are. xxx